Six Figure Instagrammer: Network Marketing Edition

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So, you fell in love with an amazing product & decided to use it to start a side hustle, maybe even with goals to turn it into your full time hustle.

You became a MLM babe & you’re connecting with other like minded women and you are ready to build your own empire!

You are ready for it to be YOUR turn to succeed!

You’re excited thinking about not having to clock into a 9-5 anymore.

You keep thinking about being able to donate GENEROUSLY to causes close to your heart.

You are ready to go out & buy new luggage because…. you're ready to travel the world & live a laptop lifestyle!


You are diving 100% in so you can spend more time with your family & be that boss mom who raises her babies and builds her business on her own terms.

You want to do BIG things because you know your why. It moves you. It drives you.


you feel like you’re spinning you’re wheels. You just are not seeing the kind of results you were hoping for.

You’re tired of posting pictures & captions that EVERYONE else posts.

You’re tired of people telling you that you’re apart of a pyramid scheme.

You’re tired of feeling like every single post you make about your business falls on “deaf ears” & you’re exhausting your warm market & have NO idea how to reach your cold market.

We really do. We know you have PASSION & DRIVE!

We know YOU have what it takes to go ALL THE WAY.

Those dreams you have are not random. They are your calling & we want to help you achieve those dreams!

We want you to be able to travel the world!

We want you to have time for your family!

We want you to be free of the 9-5 soul sucking grind!

We want you to give freely and fulfill your philanthropic desires!

If any of this resonates with you babes....

We have spent hundreds of hours working with the top 1% of MLM leaders.

Yes, the babes making 6 figure incomes & are experiencing wild success!

We are sharing EVERY single habit, discipline, system, and skill these women have implemented in their businesses!

Everything we teach has been proven time and time again with various babes in different MLM companies!

Our program was designed to not only up-level your business but your mindset & LIFE babe!

Quit guessing & hoping you find your BIG break!

Take action! Make it happen! Success is there... waiting for YOU to grab her & run babe!

No matter where you are at in your business, this course is a network marketers dream! You will learn step-by-step methods that millionaire boss babes implement on their daily grind. Our instruction is simple, to the point, & completely doable for any level of boss babe, as long as you have the right mindset. Apply this course work into practice & start seeing a shift not only in yourself, your business, but also how you lead.

We are cheering you on babe!

Module 1: Mindset Babe

-Cultivating a GROWTH mindset

-Creating powerful BOSSBABE habits

-Beautify YOUR thoughts

-Glam up those goals

Module 2: Vibe with your Tribe

-Create DREAM team

-What is your marketing maven message?

-Your VIBE attracts your TRIBE

-Connect to your NICHE market

Module 3: Beautify your Brand

-Stand OUT sister

-Up-level your VIBE

-Cultivating a FEEL that resonates

-Attraction Marketing + COLD market

Module 4: Social Media Ninja Babe

-Who is your BOSSBABE avatar?

-Boost that BOSSBABE exposure

-Understand the power of your BIO

-Collaborations & Confessions

Module 5: Copy Queen

-Keep it REAL babe

-Check that grammar girlfriend

-Protect YOUR powerful words

-Articulate your message

Mindset Babe:

If the mindset is in a place of lack, the business will be in a place of lack. Kathrin Zenkina, creator of Manifestation Babe is a guest speaker in this module! She is a manifesting queen who took her business from 20K in debt to 6 figure months in under a year through shifting her mindset about money! Major blessings in your business can be blocked simply because your mindset is not in line with your belief in your ability that you can ACTUALLY achieve your goals babe! Dive in with goal smashing, undoing years of mental blocks, and claiming your affirmations daily!

Vibe with your Tribe:

Everyone wants to find their tribe & love them hard. But how do you find your ideal tribe? & what exactly do you do once you find them? In this module we have Kirsten Ely, founder of The Gild & Blonder Ambitions speaking about connecting with your tribe. In under a year the Gild has grown to 100+ dedicated women on a mission to make the world a better place. As Kirsten always says, “the kindest hearts should have the deepest pockets” & her tribe truly connects with this message. You also need to know who to sprint, run, jog, and walk- your tribe may be at different speeds in life and you MUST protect your precious time and energy. Learning BOUNDARIES so you can fully serve & VIBE with your TRIBE is ESSENTIAL! KNOW your market & learn how you can grow your business while building others up… it's truly an ART!

Beautify Your Brand:

In many companies you will see a leader post a picture + caption & then 100’s if not 1000’s of people (both in the downline & outside of it) will copy & paste the same verbiage + picture only for potential consumers & recruits to feel like social media is completely full of spam. Although many people believe over saturation is the problem in MLM, the real problem is the marketing techniques that are creating this issue. People are tired of being sold to. That is where branding yourself within your companies brand becomes SO important! In this module Lindsy Lavalle, CEO of Boss Babe Tribe & Founder of Boss Babe Tribe, Christina Arlene share ways to stand out on Instagram within your company & create a beautiful & luxurious experience for your customers.

Insta Ninja:

Instagram is a HUGE market for social selling, but we’ve noticed that babes in MLM stick to their Facebook friends list to share about their business. But why miss the opportunity of reaching 100’s, 1000’s or even hundreds of thousands with your message?

Christina Arlene, creator of Boss Babe Tribe who has now built her personal brands to over 400K followers on IG in a little over a year with her largest brand being at over 100K engaged followers. She has now helped 100’s of clients UPLEVEL their IG branding + strategy & is cheering you on as she shares ALL with you!

Copy Queen:

So you’ve worked on your mindset, you’re finding & growing your tribe but you feel a little lost on captions to post on IG. Well, we got you babe. Lindsy Lavalle, CEO of Boss Babe Tribe shares how to create captions that CAPTURE. Writing captivating copy is SO important but often looked over. In this module you will learn how to connect with your IG tribe through your powerful words. How much do you share on Instagram to connect with your tribe while also remaining faithful to your brand? We will teach you the EXACT methods of copy other very well respected and successful entrepreneurs use to engage. ONE major technique is learning how to find your voice and write in a way that is bold, relatable, and unique to your style!

Your Instructor

Babes Who Hustle
Babes Who Hustle

Christina (AKA Marketing Maven) took a hobby that she was passionate about & turned it into her dream job. She has been sought after for her branding skills as well as her unique way of growing her online tribe. She loves creating + building online platforms. She has now built her Instagram brands to over 400k collective followers with her main brand having over 100k engaged followers in just over a year. She started her business by word of mouth & then went on to launch her business on her main brand's platform in under 24 hours & booked out that first week & has been booked out every month since with minimal effort. Through being an influencer on IG she has been able to partner with brands to promote their products, has been able to collaborate with other big brands & has met some of the most amazing women. She is passionate about empowering women to follow their dreams & create a life they love. Christina is a visionary & loves dream casting coaching- she is innovative & believes in collaboration over competition.

Head over to @shessobossbabe to see what Christina is up to.

Lindsy Lavalle (AKA LILA) is a counselor/professor at one of the top 10 community colleges in the nation. Her creativity with the arts and professionalism in higher education sets her apart. She launched her consulting business through networking with other successful entrepreneurs & within her first month she landed her first client that paid $7500. She has booked her monthly client goal every month since. In June 2017 she was brought on as CEO to Boss Babe Tribe. She is a go-getter, activator, and believer in cultivating a positive and growth mindset!

Follow Lindsy on IG @bossbabecoach to see what she's up to!

We have some amazing & dynamic Boss Babe Guest Speakers who you will LOVE speaking into this course.

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When does the course start and finish?
The course is self study so you get to pace yourself at YOUR speed. All modules will be organized in our online boss babe market space.
How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access to this course for 1 year.
Will this course work for me?
Nothing is guaranteed babe. What we can ensure you is the resources and information taught in each module have been proven practices many successful entrepreneurs implement in catapulting their business to new levels of success.

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